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Pick Your Membership Plan & Join the Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts

An investment in the MAFPD may well serve as the most important investment you can make in protecting the future of your fire protection district. Your involvement is needed, and we look forward to your participation.

Active Membership

Annual Dues Based on Assessed Valuation

per year

automatic billing

Any legally organized Fire Protection District meeting the requirements of Chapter 321 of state statues may become an Active Member on paying the appropriate dues. 

Membership Fee Structure is based on your District's Assessed Valuation. Please note, "Assessed valuation is not the same as "appraised valuation" and is generally lower. If you are uncertain about your assessed valuation, check with your county clerk. 

Annual Dues based on Assessed Valuation

Below 10 Million • Free

✔ $10 - 25 Million • $330

✔ $25 - 50 Million • $440

✔ $50 - 100 Million • $550

✔ $100 - 150 Million • $825

✔ $150 - 200 Million • $1,100

✔ $200 - 300 Million • $1,375

✔ $300 - 500 Million • $1,650

Over $500 Million • $1,925

Associate Membership

per year

automatic billing


Any person, firm, or corporation who provides services or products to Fire Protection Districts may be eligible to be an Associate Member upon written application to the Executive Director and the payment of dues. The Associate Members shall be entitled to such privileges, except holding elective office or voting, as the Board of Directors may determine. 

Individual Membership

per year

automatic billing


Individuals interested in promoting public fire safety, education, or emergency medical services who do not qualify as an Active Member, rial Member, or Associate Member may become an Individual Member upon approval of the Board of Governors and payment of dues. The Individual Member shall be entitled to such privileges, except holding elective office and voting, as the Board may determine. 

Trial Membership

per year

automatic billing


Any fire protection association that is not located within the territory of an existing Fire Protection District, and which is registered as a "fire department" under state law. A trial member is not required to pay dues, and is not permitted to vote at MAFPD business meetings nor may any of its members hold office in the association. A trial member may continue in that category until it becomes a Fire Protection District. 

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