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Get to Know MAFPD

Dear Future and Current MAFPD Members:

The Missouri Association of Fire Protection District (MAFPD) strives to provide fire districts with the latest information to help modify, improve and enhance services provided by the individual districts. MAFPD provides an open network of a variety of fire district representatives spanning across the State of Missouri; including fire chiefs, elected board members and fire district attorneys. This network provides all members to have access to knowledge of fire district operations from many perspectives.

MAFPD gives support in both the development of new fire districts and any issues that may arise in existing districts across the state. Members are given the opportunity to be heard and provided with education and training in the latest organization functions and legalities of fire districts by offering services such as annual meetings and educational seminars, legislative tracking, and action, legal liaison, certified Fire Director Board training, member E-letter and a unified stance on fire protective district-related issues.

We encourage all fire districts within the State of Missouri to join our network and become an active member of the organization.

Please contact any of the Officers or Board Members with any questions you may have.


Thank you for visiting,

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Kevin Pratt


Missouri Association of Fire Protection District

As Missouri's Premier Fire Service Organization, 

  1. We produce effective materials and programs that allow fire protection districts to efficiently manage and operate their districts;

  2. Our members receive feedback and analysis that allows fire protection districts to modify, improve and enhance their capabilities;

  3. Our members have available a complete resource and reference center of materials that educates and informs the fire protection districts;

  4. Fire protection districts are proactively and continually represented in the legislative and regulatory processes;

  5. The Association is the choice contact for legislators, government officials and the media;

  6. Our elected officials, fire chiefs, and fire protection district employees will be educated and trained on basic public administration skills, as well as, the latest management and fire service topics. 

The History of the Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts

The Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts (MAFPD) was born of necessity to meet the unique needs of fire protection districts in the State of Missouri. The organization started on February 11, 1990, when a group of 35 individuals representing 26 separate fire districts met at the University of Missouri-Columbia Law School with one goal in mind - forming a professional organization to represent the needs of Missouri’s fire protection districts.


Those 35 individuals meeting in Columbia saw the need. Now the question that faced them was--do we want an impact organization that can bring about change and service its membership or do we want a social group that is lots of fun but gets nothing accomplished? The answer was unanimous--we want something worthwhile!  Thus, was created the MAFPD, a professional organization that provides for participation not only by chiefs and district managers but elected board members and fire district attorneys, as well. Previously, no professional organization existed for fire district board members. Now, those citizens who have taken on the responsibility of overseeing districts in their communities have a forward-thinking organization for networking and legislative action.

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